Speech Emotion Recognition

Emotion analysis of speech data, in real-time

Why Speech?

Emotion is a complex entity that even humans have a hard time interpreting. It can be expressed through facial expressions, gesture, and/or speech, and is impacted by countless factors such as context, time of day, weather, or personal preferences.

The biggest difficulty when recognizing emotions in the real-world arises from the fact that people tend to hide their emotions from others. In many cultures it is considered rude, or in others is considered embarassing. In some contexts, it is strategic to hide one's emotions, like in a poker game.

The easiest way to hide one's emotion is through controlling one's facial expressions. Human's control over facial muscles is advanced enough that with some training, maintaining a great poker face is possible.

However, hiding one's emotion from speech is a little more difficult. Emotion in speech is revealed through subtle feature changes such as trembling tone, increase in tempo, or variations in volume. These changes are so subtle that a normal person would have a harder time controlling relative to facial expressions.

orbis.ai Speech Emotion Recognition API

Our Speech Emotion Recognition API provides real-time emotion data with superior accuracy. The API takes in pre-recorded audio files, or audio data streams with minimum length of 3 seconds, in any data format to make it easier for you! Then the API analyzes both the context and how it is said, observing subtle changes in speech characteristics such as tone, tempo, volume, and many more.

Explore API Features

Real-time Analytics

Receive recognition results instantly from our cloud-based API. You only require 3 seconds of speech data to get started.

Deeper Insight

25+ subtle emotions, only at orbis.ai.
7 basic emotions: Angry, Sad, Disgusted, Happy, Surprised, Fearful and Bad.
3 continuous emotion descriptors: Valence, Dominance, Arousal.

Superior Accuracy

Worldwide leader in emotion recognition accuracy on multiple research benchmarks such as IEMOCAP benchmark

Easy to Use

Made with love, for developers, by developers. Using our API is easier than breathing (not literally).

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