Facial Expression Emotion Recognition

Get accurate emotion data from facial expressions

orbis.ai Facial Expression Emotion API

Our Face Emotion API provides real-time emotion data with superior accuracy thanks to cutting-edge Deep Learning technologies. The API takes in video or pictures of faces in any data format to make it easier for you! Then the API analyzes tens of thousands of facial features and provides you the most accurate emotion result.

Thousands of Feature Points

Do people always smile when they are happy?

Do people always frown when they are irritated?

A huge variety of emotions can be expressed by a human face, and often it is difficult even for humans to determine what emotion it is. By a slight difference in angle of a smile, that smile can be expressing either genuine happiness, or condescension.

To capture emotions in the most subtle facial expressions, tens of thousands of feature points on the face is used to analyze every single muscle movement on the face.

Use our API on your buddy during the next poker game, and suddenly his poker face isn't too great anymore ;)

Diversity is Important

A crazy big issue with current facial recognition AI systems is that they are biased towards a particular skin color or race. We firmly believe in equity of AI systems, which is why our AI systems have been trained with a well balanced dataset with equal representations from all races.

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Superior Accuracy

Worldwide leader in emotion recognition accuracy on multiple research benchmarks such as CMU-MOSEI benchmark

Deeper Insight

25+ subtle emotions, only at orbis.ai.
7 basic emotions: Angry, Sad, Disgusted, Happy, Surprised, Fearful and Bad.
3 continuous emotion descriptors: Valence, Dominance, Arousal.

Real-time Analytics

Receive recognition results instantly from our cloud-based API.

Works for All

Our core tech is trained on diverse dataset equally representing faces from different racial backgrounds.

Easy to Use

Made with love, for developers, by developers. Using our API is easier than breathing (not literally).

We are currently in free Closed Beta.
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